Photobooths then and today

Have you ever wondered where did it all begin?

Photo booths were never like what you see them today. Anatol Josepho  got along with him the concept of photo booth. The first photo booth was stationed on Broadway in New York City back in the time you weren’t even born, that is 1925. More than two hundred thousand people had used it within six months. It had the facility of erecting and printing 2 strips of 4 photos each within 10 minutes and that’s great if we imagine for that time.

The Photomaton Company came into light to place photo booths all over the nation. Josepho was then given $1 million for his invention. Wow! That’s a big amount. For the same, we thank him for what he has blessed us with.

There across the world, Japanese had completely different yet amazing concept of photo booths. Atlus and Sega invented the purikura machines which actually developed what we today call selfies. Japanese women back of Kawaii culture in 1990’s had an obsession to look extremely beautiful in photographic form, and that is what these booths did for them. Photo sticker booths were put in play in 1995. These photo booths created pictures that had stickers which were inspired from the arcade games in Japan. These stickers played roles of filters that we use today on Snapchat.

Apart from passport photo booth, or the purikura (Photo sticker booth), several other types of photo booths were brought to market with numerous ideas to entertain people. Photo booth rentals are nowadays used for any party or event at any time. Celebrities are frequent users of photo booths.

Except for traditional photo printing, the modern day photo booths include diverse services. Some of them are listed below.

  • GIF booth
  • Array booth
  • Green booth
  • Ring-light booth
  • Open Air booth
  • Corporate booth
  • LED Bubble booth

The growth of photo booth rentals market has drastically changed in the past decade. A study reads more than 600 photo booth rental company are lively available in LA itself. More than two hundred thousand Google searches every month have been rated by 2k16. In fact, we’re not going to stop, there has been brilliant services provided under several budget friendly packages, that too on time!

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